What do you do when you have worked for the past 40 years and are longing for a change? You start dreaming about an around the world adventure! That’s just what we are planning to do. We started thinking about a long-term, around the world trip in 2011 and have continued to research and plan since then. We have set our departure date for June 2015.

My name is Tina Sumner and my husband’s name is Michael Monge; we’re ages 55 and 61. We had some great adventures before we settled down to jobs, raising two children and acquiring the usual house and cars. We have had a very happy life in a great community but we have begun to desire something different, something out of the ordinary, something to spice up our life and our relationship.

As part of our plan to leave, we have been working to be debt free by paying off our house, cars and other debt. Our intent is to simplify our lives as much as possible before we go. Some of the questions we still have include; what do we do with our house, how do we deal with our mail and bill paying, how do we handle money on the road, what are the best credit cards to take, what type of insurance do we need to get and what electronics should we take. These are some of the topics I want to research and write about over the next year.

The original idea for this blog was for keeping in touch with family and friends while we are gone. But, as I did research for our trip this past four years I realized that I had gathered information and formed opinions that I would like to share. So this blog will be a combination of photos and travelogue designed to provide a record of our trip and posts about travel related topics.


Happy Day at our Daughter's Wedding!

Happy Day at our Daughter’s Wedding!



15 thoughts on “About

  1. I am completely thrilled to follow your journey! Thank you so much for sharing with me, your site! I’ve spent this evening reading every bit available, and I am hooked!

  2. Hi Mike and Tina,
    I’m on my phone and don’t see a “follow” link. Hope it’s not too obvious, lol or maybe it’s not available on a mobile link. I’ll check on my computer . 🙂

  3. Hi You two wild a crazy folks!!

    We are sooo looking forward to following along on this amazing adventure! I think it’s something we may want to do when we “grow up”!! lol Bon Voyage! Love, Marty and Shelly

  4. Hi there! Rebecca and Marianne from Batu Ferringhi! Sorry we missed you for the party in our room, but be assured you are warmly invited to Chennai. We forgot to tell you that Fluffy and Ginger are a dog and cat, Rebecca is concerned you might be allergic. Happy travels.

    • Hi Rebecca and Marianne, it was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for the invitation to your home. We will contact you as we get closer. Don’t worry Rebecca, we are not allergic to your pets and would love to meet them.

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