India Map

We flew from Hanoi, Vietnam via Bangkok, Thailand to Kolkata, India to begin our three-month Indian adventure. Flying from Kolkata south to Chennai gave us a quick start as most of the rest was by train or bus. After renewing my passport at the American Embassy and visiting the hospital for Mike’s knee we continued on the bus, south along the coast to Mahabalipuram and then to Pondicherri. We spent a week in the French influenced Pondicherri and enjoyed a couple of days of diving (Learning to Love India).  India as an extensive train system. We took the Shatabi Express west across the country to Mysore and then north to Hampi. A night bus took us all the way to the west coast to Panjim, Goa. We enjoyed a week of sightseeing before taking the train north to Mumbai. Heading east we took a short train ride to Aurangabad to see the ancient cave temple complexes (Rock Carved Temples of India). On to Rajasthan for a few nights in the cities of Udiapur, Jodhpur and Jaipur before taking the train to New Delhi. Our bus north to Amritsar (near to the India Pakistan border) started out smooth enough but a broken down bus, a bus fender bender, standing on the roadside waiting for a new bus and bumper to bumper traffic turned it into a long travel day (When International Relations Foil Tourist Plans). After several hot and humid days in New Delhi and Amritsar we were anxious to go north into the foothills of the Himalayas to Shimla to enjoy the cooler weather. Next stop spiritual Rishikesh on the Ganges River (Our Two Favorite Cities in India (So Far)).Traveling by bus to Agra to see the famous Taj Mahal was a must (Visiting the Taj Mahal).  Heading back to the Ganges we visited Varanasi before taking our longest train ride (eighteen hours) to get to back up into the lower Himilyas to Darjeeling (From the City of Death to the Top of the World).  After enjoying the cooler temperatures and beautiful views we hired a car and driver to take us back down to the plains to Bagdogra to catch our flight back to New Delhi and then on to Cairo, Egypt. We were looking forward to meeting our daughter, Lindsey and son-in-law, Ryan in Cairo for a couple of weeks.



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